Noisetrade "New & Notable" feature

Hello, hello! Just a quick word to let you know that I am pleasantly surprised to find out that my song "Different" has been handpicked by Noisetrade to be featured on their homepage for a week under their "New & Notable" section. Happy week to me :) I am very thankful to Noisetrade for giving me the opportunity to reach out to a few more listeners. You can stream & download the song here: xo Djana

Daring to be different...

Morning everyone! A bit of an overdue post here :) Since releasing my last song on the 30th of September, I have been pretty busy. Teaching, songwriting, gigging and....weekend waitressing! So here I am, Monday morning, still in bed and trying to write a little post about this last song of mine. I've had the melody and the basis of the lyrics in my mind for a good while. For some reason it just stuck with me. So I decided that maybe I should re-work the song a little and release it to the world. The process was quite fun since I'm getting used to my new software and I can play around with new sounds and drum kits. I wanted nice harmonies and a fuller sound on this song and I'm happy I manage