• Djana Gabrielle

Spring : A song and my favourite season

Spring is indeed my favourite season!

The weather is more clement (although living in Scotland this is debatable!) and trees have a beautiful spring blossom.

But to me it also embodies new beginnings.

The light after the dark, winter is over.

We've had quite a long winter here in Scotland.

I even started using an SAD lamp to get some light in as the weather was starting to wear me down (I'm definitely not made for the Scottish weather!).

So I guess to cheer myself up I decided to write a song about this beautiful season :)

I also got some inspiration from a friend of mine who is sort of "starting over" and embarking on a new journey at the moment, with all the apprehension that it entails, and I thought her story would fit well with what Spring represents to me.

So there it is, song n°4.

This song is also my "light at the end of the tunnel" song. Spring is hope. And it's a reminder that the wheel keeps turning, even during challenging times when we find ourselves in the dark. Everything changes.



Beautiful Artwork created by my friend Gosia Kepka.

She perfectly recreated what I wanted and I do encourage you to check out her work.

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