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Grey's Anatomy and visual songwriting

Hey everyone!

I definitely need to post on this blog more often but time seems to be flying by lately!

Life has been busy, a bit stressful, but filled with definitely good overall :)

I am now getting the hang of writing songs more often, and not just when the inspiration strikes out of nowhere. This challenge of writing, recording and releasing a new song every month is definitely not an easy one for me but I find it deeply enjoyable. And I keep on learning and honing the craft of songwriting at the same time.

And I have a better idea about what works well for me as a songwriter.

I would probably call myself a "visual songwriter".

I find inspiration in imagery, the story behind it and the feelings it's trying to convey. Whether it is from a painting, or a particular scene in a movie or a TV show. But also even from a classical music piece! I actually find classical music pretty visual and sometimes when I listen to it, it's easy for me to imagine a certain scene, a particular event and it does help me with my songwriting process.

But for my "May" song, I found inspiration in an episode of a well-known TV show: Grey's Anatomy.

This is my guilty pleasure! I think I haven't missed an episode since it's started airing in 2005.

2005!! Doesn't make me feel any younger.

The episode is called "Personal Jesus", hence the title of the song, and is about a doctor (April Kepner) whose faith is challenged by the loss of several patients in the course of one day.

You can see how she keeps on being crippled with doubt for a few more episodes afterwards.

I had started writing the lyrics and melody during a songwriting workshop and as I liked the song I decided to re-work on it a bit and properly record it.

Faith is a subject I had never tackled in a song beforehand and I wanted to write something short, simple and clear in the message. I didn't want it to be too long or heavy. The song is 2min 15sec.

My mum told me she felt it was sort of "unfinished" because it was too short and she wanted more.

She didn't understand the lyrics as she doesn't speak english but she had this feeling that the end of the song was "on hold"/"pending". Well, the last lyric of the song is a question....that actually stays on hold, open....("But is it all worth it?) and this is what I also wanted to convey. Basically "What's next?" That's what the character in the show, April Kepner, was wondering about and this is why the song ends that way. The doubt is still there. But for how long? Who knows.

It's quite funny that my mum felt that way while she didn't understand the lyrics and she didn't know the story behind the song :)

But there you have it! A little background story about "Personal Jesus".

You can stream/download the song here :

And as per usual, the artwork was created by my talented friend Gosia Kepka.

That's it for now and hopefully see you in June for another "behind-the-scenes" of my songwriting process :)

Take care,



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