• Djana Gabrielle

When a feeling becomes music...

So here we are.

31st of July 2018.

I just released my latest composition.

I had decided to try something different with that one.

Like my previous song, The Lake, I created a piece of music around an imagery; but this time I made the choice not to use any words and just let the music speak for itself.

I had never tried this angle before so that's a first for me and I'm quite glad with the result as I managed to translate the melodies I had in my head into a piece of classical music.

I found this drawing while browsing through my friend's, Gosia Kepka, illustrations and I immediately loved it. There was something beautiful and inspiring about it.

Gosia had titled her drawing "Shy". But what I could see was more than shyness. Something hidden, secretive, "unrevealed"....

So I spend some time observing her drawing and analysing what it made me think of and especially how it made me feel. And I did my best to put it into music accurately.

You can have a listen here:

I hope you enjoy it :)



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