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The gift of time

Hi everyone!

So I released a brand new song last week :)

The theme for the song had been sitting with me for a while.


I've been pondering a lot over it these past few years.

It seems that as I get older, time literally flies by!

It feels as if sometimes it is working with and for me, other times against me.

So many dreams yet to fulfill...

But, as corny as it may sound, when I wake up every morning, I am reminded that each brand new day brings hope, new opportunities, new beginnings...

And the only way I can sort of have the upper hand over the time I am given each day, is to use it the best way I can and see it as an ally rather than an enemy. Still struggling with that part but definitely doing my best :)

So this is what this song is about.

Time. I question its significance but also acknowledge that it has done a lot for me.

Hope you enjoy it :)

You can download/stream the song here :

And the beautiful artwork was created by my talented friend Gosia Kepka.

Take care everyone,


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