• Djana Gabrielle

Daring to be different...

Morning everyone!

A bit of an overdue post here :)

Since releasing my last song on the 30th of September, I have been pretty busy.

Teaching, songwriting, gigging and....weekend waitressing!

So here I am, Monday morning, still in bed and trying to write a little post about this last song of mine.

I've had the melody and the basis of the lyrics in my mind for a good while. For some reason it just stuck with me. So I decided that maybe I should re-work the song a little and release it to the world.

The process was quite fun since I'm getting used to my new software and I can play around with new sounds and drum kits. I wanted nice harmonies and a fuller sound on this song and I'm happy I managed to get the result I wanted. The production isn't state of the art but I'm learning and getting there :) As for the theme, I guess this song is sort of from my younger self. A fierce believer with a strong imagination. The child in the song isn't afraid of being different, of having her own beliefs and leading her life the way she wants no matter what the adults say.....because she's supposed to be herself. This means a lot to me as I've always felt (and will always feel) a bit out of place in this world. Sort of a misfit trying hard to adjust to what feels like a strange environment to me. So even though the song is from the point of view of a child, making up her own world and rebelling against the adults' mindset, some of these lyrics still resonate with me sometimes...

My friend Gosia created a really cool artwork for the song. Exactly what I wanted - especially the little girl's stance and facial expression. I'm really happy with it :)

You can listen to/download the song here

Hope you enjoy it!



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