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A beautiful start to 2019...

Last Sunday was pretty surreal. I was actually awarded a "Danny" at this year's Celtic Connections' Danny Kyle Open Stage Competition!

Never really thought of it as a competition though..., just a beautiful opportunity to play my songs in front of an attentive audience. So to be amongst the 6 finalists chosen at the end of the Festival hadn't even crossed my mind. It's one of those things you think would be really nice to win but don't think it's actually going to happen as there are so many talented artists on stage.

So I am feeling very grateful at the moment :)

I played a few songs from my 2018 Project, my Living Room Sessions, and I'm glad the audience and the judges enjoyed them. I worked so hard on this project so the support I got meant a lot.

It encourages me to keep going, to keep showing up, gigging, writing and releasing more music.

And I cannot wait to come back to the Festival next year to play an official support slot.

You can listen back to the full Finalists Showcase here:



Photo Credit: Michael Ozmond

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