November 16, 2018

Hello everyone!


A long overdue post here :) 


I have almost finished writing my next (and last) song for my 2018 project and I should start recording it next week. That one is actually going to be 2 songs in one! As I will be away most of December, and therefore will not able to have all my gear with me, it seems like the best option :)

And this song is going to be a little different this time. Hope you enjoy the little surprise!

I shall release it the 1st week of December if all goes according to plan...


But let's go back to "Glasgow" for a minute!

This song is important to me as it sort of sums up my experience and my life in Scotland for the past 4 years. Little did I know that picking this city at random would be one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself. There is most certainly a lot of ups and downs but I am moving forward happier than I was before. 


A few facts: 

*I did arrive here with just one suitcase - and now I would need a whole van to move everything I collected over the past 4 years if I were to change countries again!

*The very first person I met  upon arrival at my hostel became one of my closest friends who helped me designed the cover for my debut EP. 

*She then introduced me to a friend of hers a few months later.....who also introduced me to a friend of hers later on....and both ended up creating beautiful artworks for each of my songs released this year. 

*The lyric about "the little girl singing every morning" refers to the first room I rented. I was living with my landlady and her 4 year old daughter who would be singing every morning in front of my door. A funny reminder of why I came here for in the first place :) 

*I met incredible musicians and people who showed their support and encouraged me to keep on writing and sharing my music and I am very thankful for that. 


The road ahead is long but I'm glad to be on this path and I hope you keep enjoying my music. 


Thank you for your support,






Stream/Download "Glasgow" here

Artwork : Essi Kimpimaki






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