• Djana Gabrielle

Intense songwriting and Express recording

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all doing well.

So I was supposed to keep up with my blog all through February but life happened and well....I got way too busy for my own good :)

February has been incredibly intense, stressful, exhausting....and too short!

But here I am, stuck at home due to a snow storm, sitting on my bedroom floor and writing this little note to let you know that I have completed and released a wee new song today.

Can't believe I managed to pull that one off!

I recorded it two days ago and mixed it until 2am this morning. I think my ears almost fell off.

But I really wanted to hold up to my end of the bargain to release one new song on the last day of each there you go!

I recently took part in an amazing week long songwriting workshop at the Glasgow Academy of Music & Sound. I learnt a lot...and especially that I can definitely write and compose a decent song in under an hour! That was quite a challenge since I tend to take my time and I don't really give myself any deadline when it comes to songwriting. But it came in handy when I realised two days ago that I had to deliver my February song today!

And I did!

It could definitely be perfected but I think I did well and I hope you enjoy the song.

It's a wee love song called...."A Love Song" (going straight to the point with my title). And that one has a happy ending! I thought it would be nice to write a happy, hopeful love song for February so I changed my habits for that one :)

You can listen to and/or download the song here :

The illustration for the song was created by my ever so patient and lovely friend Gosia Kepka.

Take care everyone and hopefully see you at least at the end of March for a brand new song!



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